Website designing is all about a visual presentation, design art, and content. This blog is dedicated to learning some tips and tricks to style and structure your website that grows your network and increases your reach to a larger audience.

  1. Eye-catching yet modest homepage:

Your homepage can go from classy to minimalistic or vibrant to subtle. Yet it should most importantly convey the core purpose of your website instantaneously. Add communicating images, call to action buttons, and catchy phrases which create interest as the reader scrolls through the website for the first time.

2. Plan out a visual hierarchy:

The priority of your page should pop out but should also flow with the layout of your design too. You’ll be able to direct site users’ attention to various page sections in order of priority, starting with the most important section, if you apply hierarchy correctly. It can differ by size and boldness or element placement on the page.

3. Use a catchy, keyword-focused headline and phrases:

Your phrases should be crystal clear, to the point and search engine optimized. If these three are done correctly you’ll be reaching out to the larger and righteous customer audience for your website. Use different fonts and colours to create a contrast that helps the user to remember the phrase and relate it to your website.

4. Make sure your website is easy to navigate:

This can be done by search engine optimization with the usage of the right keyword that communicates your website’s purpose. Clegonic masters the art of SEO and has helped their clients to increase their reach, revenue, and output. Solid navigation helps you to be on the top of the list with your competitors which indeed increases the chances of landing on your website. The rest depends on the detailing and designing of your website. It must be relatable, creative, and informative all at once.  

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